Find out how the beginning of our cooperation goes


Send us your resume

It is non-binding and free of charge. Whether you are responding to a specific offer or want us to contact you if we have a suitable job for you, you can use the form on this page.


We contact you

We will contact you with a specific offer. You can come to our office in person, or we will contact you by phone and email.



If the offer appeals to you, it is time to sign the contract and complete the necessary formalities. This step can also be done remotely.



It is only necessary for you to arrive at the designated place at the designated time, where a representative of our company or our client's company will be waiting for you. Accommodation will be provided near the place of activity. We are available by phone in case of any problems.

Frequently asked questions

We will be happy to answer all your questions online or at a personal meeting.

Business licence (active for at least 2 months)

ID card

Health insurance card

Valid electrician certificate (if you are applying for the position of electrician)

Valid welding certificate (if you are applying for the position of welder)

If you are not sure, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you

You contact us by phone number or e-mail address.

We will find the most suitable job for you.

We will negotiate the salary and other conditions.

You provide us with your documents by email or in person.

Subsequently, we will send you a contract for the work containing the details of the cooperation by email.

You will study the contract, if you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.

You sign the contract and send it to us (just by email).

The last step is up to us, we will send you precise instructions that contain contacts for the construction manager, colleagues, the address of the construction site and accommodation, the time and date of starting, and the necessary tools.

The first business trip usually lasts 2-3 weeks, the exact duration will be agreed on the spot with the German manager What you must not forget:

Work shoes (hard toe)

Work clothes


Reflective vest

Tool case


Your ID documents

The first working day can be crucial. It is very important that you are punctual. If you are late (due to transport, etc.), then you should call us and we will inform the construction manager. Alternatively, call the construction manager directly.

The purpose of the first day is to get to know colleagues, work, construction, conditions and start building good relationships for prosperous and long-term cooperation.

We also recommend discussing the working hours, the length of the shift and the deadlines that must be observed within the construction.

Getting a business licence is very easy today. You can create a licence directly at the Business Licence Authority ("Živnostenský úrad" in Slovak Language) or on their web site.

Please let us know about the problem

We will find a solution and eliminate the problem

If necessary, we can move you to another construction site within a few days

If extreme conditions occur that do not allow for further operation on the given construction site, we deal with the relocation immediately

We are working immediately to eliminate the problem that has arisen

If we are unable to resolve the situation, we will move you to new accommodation within 5-7 days

If it is an urgent problem that does not allow further functioning of the accommodation, we can solve the situation within 24 hours

You give notice 10 days before the planned termination of cooperation, by post or email, also stating the reason for termination