About us

We are a Slovak company, founded in 2008, trading mainly with foreign partners, primarily in Germany. We operate on the market in the field of installation, assembly, construction work in Germany and their mediation.

Foreign partners

Thanks to good relations with our foreign partners and their good experience with the Slovak work ethic, we can provide Slovak entrepreneurs in various fields with well-paid and serious work in Germany on our current projects.


If you are interested in working with us, send us your resume and your contact details via our registration form without obligation and free of charge, and we will contact you as soon as we have a specific job offer for you in Germany. Alternatively, contact us by phone. We are looking forward to our cooperation!


Whether you want to earn extra money or earn and work in Germany for a long time, and at the same time be 100% sure that all the agreed conditions will be respected, you are at the right address. This is our priority and the cornerstone of our operation for more than 15 years on the market.

Our services

Nowadays, due to the lack of well-paid work in Slovakia, traveling abroad for work is an increasingly common solution for many people. And we can help you when you are looking for a suitable and serious opportunity. We will provide you with a complete service, including all formalities from signing the contract to leaving for the place of work in Germany, accommodation, coordination and telephone support in case of any problem.

What we offer


Seriousness on our part in fulfilling the contractual conditions and 100% certainty that as long as all the requirements are met, you will be paid properly and on time

Communication and honesty

We always try to meet the demands of our co-workers and solve any problems that may arise with a fair compromise that leads to the satisfaction of both parties.


We are always available to our colleagues by phone and can provide support at any time of the day.

What we expect


Responsible approach to work. Arrive on time, have the agreed tools with you, work at an adequate pace, adhere to the agreed attendance and always communicate all problems in advance with a competent person.


Professionalism leads to client satisfaction, which leads to the possibility of long-term work and, over time, to an increase in hourly wages.

Compliance and fairness

Adherence to internal rules that you will become familiar with at the workplace and fairness to us and our partners in Germany.

Our partners

Brief presentation of our current projects and clients.


Active clients


Active projects


Contract employees