Welcome to the WEB Page of ST Europe s.r.o.

We are a company from Slovakia established in 2008 and we make business with partners across the Europe. We are active mainly in trade, assembly service, industrial installations and construction industry.



from Slovakia

We are able to manage professional, technically competent and specialized work labour for your company needs, which are used to work with 100% effort and are regularly willing to travel to foreign countries, because of lack of well paid work opportunities back home. Many companies in Western Europe are having very positive experience with this working force, mainly because of the working attitude and qualification on European level.



and faster

The work labour that we offer, are independent subcontractors who can work for you based on a contract for work / services, in which case all the costs will be out in an invoice. That means there are no extra expenses and obligations. Your company can lower the personnel costs and accelerate the completion of your projects, without affecting the quality.



non - binding

Do not hesitate and let us make you an offer. Just tell us what kind of work force you need and we take care of the rest. We are looking forward to make business with you.